Nutrien Financial Launches Program Specific to Livestock Producers

Posted November 20, 2023 | By Carrie Cholak

Nutrien Financial Launches Program Specific to Livestock Producers

By Carrie Cholak

We know that the cyclical nature of farm operations impacts the cash flow decisions growers must make. At Nutrien Financial, we’ve launched a new product aimed at helping Canadian livestock producers – those whose operations include 51% or more in livestock revenue. This program will help them to align repayment of their crop input loan with their cash flow cycle. With an extended due date, this new program provides additional flexibility for producers to preserve their credit quality and avoid late fees.

Livestock producers will have a repayment date at the end of May instead of the current February 28th date. Purebred livestock producers, backgrounding and cow-calf operations could greatly benefit from this new program, given their revenue comes in after the current repayment date. The program is open to all livestock – it’s not limited to beef operations.

The only qualification for this program that differs from our other Nutrien Financial programs is the operation must have 51% or more of its revenue coming from livestock operations. We’re not financing the livestock, we’re still financing input purchases, but we are giving livestock producers the benefit of a repayment date that’s more aligned with their cash flow cycle.

As a trusted partner, we look out for our customers, and we want everyone to be successful. This program eliminates the financial pressure of having to juggle other operating lines to repay their crop input lending before proceeds from the sale of livestock or cash advances are received. It also preserves credit for these producers because it helps them meet their repayment obligation on time.

To learn more about this program, talk to your local Retail Branch or to learn more about Nutrien Financial go to

Carrie Cholak

Carrie Cholak is a Territory Sales Manager for Nutrien Financial, covering Alberta. She has twenty years of experience in the cattle and crop input financing space.


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