AgSafetyWeek 2017 - "Appealing to Adults"

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Agriculture is a big deal. Canada is the fifth largest agricultural exporter in the world and Canadian farmers are world leaders in quality food production. But did you know that an average of 84 Canadians are killed each year in agriculture related incidents? We need this to stop. We need farmers to be safe and secure so they can continue to grow quality food for a growing world. 

During Canadian Ag Safety Week, March 12-18, take the time to make a commitment to your farm, your family and yourself. For more information on building a farm safety plan, visit

Toolbox Talks

Toolbox Talks are brief, informal talks or meetings about specific topics relevant to agriculture and how to undertake these various tasks safely and properly. These talks can be conducted at the beginning of each day or prior to a specific farm task in order to remind workers about the importance of safe work methods or procedures. Browse through the list of Toolbox Talks below and download the talks that are relevant to your farm.

Nutrien Ag Solutions commitment to farm safety

The frequency of grain entrapments is growing nationally. In 2015 alone, media reports indicated that there were seven deaths and two injuries connected with grain across Canada. In response to the growing need, the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association has developed a grain safety program, “BeGrainSafe.” At the heart of the BeGrainSafe program is a mobile demonstration unit which can function as both a grain entrapment demonstration unit and a rescue-training unit. Nutrien Ag Solutions Canada has committed $80,000 over four years to BeGrainSafe.